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2 July, 2012


Dear Fellow Cardinal Alum,  


Thank you as always for your energy and involvement with our local club.  You ARE the UofL Alumni Club of Southern California.  July 1st marks beginning of another fiscal year, which means it is dues time.  Please take a moment to fill out this form, scribble out your check for a measly $25.00 and pop it in the mail – or - to pay right here on line (no muss, no fuss)  just by clicking on the donate logo above.


The past year has seen great changes in our club, and the year ahead is even more promising.  You can keep up to date by visiting the club website and Facebook page.   Please join our Facebook page by clicking the “like” button – you’ll see it when you get there.


There are over 1400 University of Louisville Alumni, Spouses and Friends in Southern California.  (Can you believe it?)   And we have events going on (some big, some tiny) every month!  We get the word out to our email distribution list of over 800 participants.  Since we send only a few US Mailings a year, I urge you to take a moment, join our Facebook page and send us your email address  by clicking here.  We’ll keep you notified of our growing list of events, and we NEVER give your information to any third party for any reason.


Our club dues are CHEAP.  While many schools’ alumni clubs are thinly veiled structures designed to squeeze money out of you, in our club, that is definitely NOT the case.  While you are (of course) always welcome to donate, the modest $25.00 annual fee is the only “hard sell” we present to you all year. 


Our funds come primarily from dues, and from a couple of our events.  For example, at our Derby Party, we auction and raffle donated items, and serve up a feast of food home-cooked by caring folks who know how to rattle a pot (plus other delicacies donated by cool sponsors like Fischer’s and Yum! Brands).  Our Derby Party is the rockin’- est thing this side of the Mississippi!  We had 165 people celebrate with us this year!!   As we are an all-volunteer group, we have virtually NO overhead.  All of the labor and effort in the club is donated by very cool people who share your Louisville connection.  Contact me if you’d like to be one of them.


So where does the money go?  Nearly 100% of it (other than checking account fees and things like that) goes right into our own William G. Caldwell Scholarship Fund.  So if you know a bright Southern California kid who wants to go to school in Louisville, you and I, via the scholarship fund, are here to help out.  (Maybe someone helped you out a little when you were in school.)  That’s what our club exists to do, and that’s where your dues payment goes.  It’s not much to ask.


And we’re not just coughing up bucks and wring our hands; we’re going out and having fun!  Whether you graduated in 2012 or 1939 – whether you like sports, game watches, winery tours, days at the track, parties, visits by faculty and administrators (like President James Ramsey who came out to meet you last summer)  we’ve got something going on that you will like to do, and some mighty cool folks with whom to do it!


Thanks again for joining.  Please send your check for $25.00, payable to The University of Louisville Southern California Alumni Club, to our Treasurer:


Dr. Kelli Barnett

PO Box 25596
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Please feel free to contact me by e-mail ( or by phone (310-392-9395) if you have questions, concerns, or ideas for club activities.  On behalf of the University of Louisville Alumni Association and our local club, thank you in advance for your participation and support.





Joseph Willenbrink. (AS '85)


University of Louisville Alumni Club of Southern California




 Ideas?  Suggestions? Comments?


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