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The UofL Club of Socal is an independent entity that is officially chartered by the University of Louisville.  The purpose of our club is to generate funds for scholarships, and as we are an all volunteer organization, virtually 100% of what we generate (less minutia like bank fees, etc.) goes right in to the scholarship account of a bright, motivated student.  If someone helped you out when you went to college, you know how valuable this is, and what a godsend it is to the student who receives it.  As you would imagine, our club consists largely of displaced Louisvillians who love to stay connected to their Louisville roots.   



The UofL Alumni Club of Southern California . . .


. . . exists for the following purposes:

  •     To raise money for scholarships to Southern California students who wish to attend the University, and then to award those scholarships

  •    To strengthen and promote strong alumni ties with the University of Louisville

  •       To “network”, and promote good will between fellow alumni in our area

  •       To keep the membership of the club apprised of what’s going on at the University

  •        To stay in touch, get together and have a good time.


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That means the 1150 fellow Louisville Alumni (Yes, there's that many!) living in Southern California.


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Other than a modest ($25.00)  annual dues request, we do not actively solicit our membership for contributions.  We are not a "fund raising" organization in that sense.  Of course, we always accept contributions, and our endowment is largely funded by them; but on a day-to-day basis, we raise money by having fun together!  When you attend our events, other than raffle tickets for door prizes, you are in no way solicited for funds.

Our club considers the matter of if and where you make philanthropic contributions to be a very private and personal matter.  It is really none of our business.  If you do choose to contribute to the university, thank you very much.  However, if you will designate your contribution to The William Caldwell Scholarship Fund, you will receive full credit for your contribution to the university, and our scholarship fund will be credited as well.  It is a "double dip" contribution.




The William G. Caldwell Scholarship Fund

Dr. Bill Caldwell was a founding member of our club.  Not only was he a loyal and fervent UofL supporter, he was a great man.  He had a charm and genuine warmth that could light up a room.  Those of us who knew Bill cannot think of him without smiling and feeling better.  May that be said of all of us.  What a sad time it was when Bill left us in April, 2000 .

On August 12, 1995, the Southern California Regional Alumni Club Scholarship Fund, later renamed the William G. Caldwell Scholarship fund,  was set up to support students from the Southern California area who, given their choice of any school in the country, would prefer to go to UofL.

To Learn more about our scholarship fund, including requirements and how to apply , click here





A Little Club History

The Southern California Alumni Club is one of UofL's oldest alumni clubs, chartered in 1950 by President Edgar Simon, '39A, '41L, and Vice President William G. Caldwell,'43MD.  After a hiatus, the club was revived by the late Bill Caldwell in 1985.  The kick-off event was the first annual Southern California Derby Party, hosted by Caldwell and his wife, Joan Leslie Caldwell.  This annual party is still the "cornerstone event" of the club, and has been covered on National Press. 




The UofL Alumni Club of Southern California Board of Directors . . .


Would you like to see who's running the show?  Click below to see who your Board Members are, how to contact them, and how to make your suggestions about how to make the club better.  Please know that the club will profit if you consider becoming a board member yourself.


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