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The UofL Alumni Club of Southern California . . .

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The UofL Alumni Club of Southern California Membership

Here are some demographics in which you may be interested. 

  • Our club covers the largest geographical layout of any club in the country.  Our territory extends from Bakersfield to Chula Vista. (and probably to Tijuana too, if we ever have any alumni there)

  • We have a total database of about 1150 members

  • About 220 have graduated in 2000 or later

  • About 200 graduated in the 90's

  • About 200 graduated in the 80's

  • About 170 graduated in the 70's

  • About 140 graduated in the 60's

  • About 60 graduated in the 50's

  • About 30 graduated before 1950

  • About 200 are adopted alumni, non-alumni spouses, non alumni friends, etc.

If you've got your calculator out and the numbers don't match up, it's because there are a number of members for whom we do not have graduating year data.  Also, in a mobile society, the membership list is always in a state of flux.  Data does not age well.  

But it goes without saying that our membership is culturally, ethnically, and chronologically diverse.  Here in Cardinalfornia, just as in Louisville, it is precisely that diversity that makes us strong.






Here is some more general demographic information about our school

Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Founded: 1798
Enrollment: 21,089
University Endowment: $475.2 Million
Living Alumni: 103,398
Louisville Population: ~700,000 (Combined "Metro" Gov't)
Television Market (in USA): No. 50
Nickname: U of L, Cardinals
Colors: Red & Black
Web Site: www.UofLSports.com
President: Dr. James R. Ramsey
Athletic Director: Tom Jurich
SWA Julie Hermann
Faculty Representative Dr. Elaine Wise
Football Coach: Charlie Strong
Menís Basketball Coach: Rick Pitino
Womenís Basketball Coach: Jeff Walz
Notable Alumni
Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Christopher Dodd, Sue Grafton, Bob Edwards, Tom Jackson, Marsha Norman, Dot Richardson, Johnny Unitas, Wes Unseld
Academic Notables
  • UofL is one of the oldest Urban institutions in the United States, founded in 1798
  • UofL  surgeons performed the first hand transplant in the United States and second one in the world
  • UofL  surgeons were the first in the world to successfully implant the first fully implantable artificial heart
  • UofL ís Photographic Archives are among the nationís largest, housing more than 1.2 million photographs
  • The Thinker statue at UofL ís administration building is thought to be one of only three originals overseen by Rodin himself.
Sponsored Sports (22)
Baseball, Menís Basketball, Womenís Basketball, Menís Cross Country, Womenís Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Menís Golf, Womenís Golf, Women's Lacrosse, Womenís Rowing, Menís Soccer, Womenís Soccer, Softball, Menís Swimming & Diving, Womenís Swimming & Diving, Menís Tennis, Womenís Tennis, Womenís Indoor Track & Field, Menís Outdoor Track & Field, Womenís Outdoor Track & Field, Womenís Volleyball
Did You Know?:
The University of Louisville cheerleading squad has captured ten national championships




Is there something you would like to do??

We can do anything we want to do!  Because we are such a large and diverse group, we have room for many varied activities.  Much of what we do is sports-related (Game watches, race track outings, etc.) because it is easy to attract enough people to make it an event.  We are fully aware that many of us aren't really "into" sports.  If you fall into that category, we want to be of service to you, but we don't know what to do!  Please tell us.



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