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Here are some other interesting links . . .


If you are just cruising the web, here are some suggestions for prudent use of your time. ( Note that one of the most prudent uses of your time is to not spend too much time caught up searching the web.) 

This page contains (or  will contain) links to web sites of . . .

  • University and City of Louisville News and Information

  • General interest

  • Louisville companies that support our local group

  • Members

  • Donors, benefactors, contributors, friends, etc.


News Links

Here are a few buttons to click to find out what's going on in Louisville in general, and at UofL in particular:


    All Louisvillians know what this is

Get your music, entertainment, alternative opinion, etc. here     

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University News

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                 Alumni Association News     (This newsletter is available via free email subscription.)

For links to UofL Athletics News, click here



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